May 16, 2011

If you’ve been looking over the blog/news, you might think that young Zach was getting on a roll, making it into the money several times in just a few short weeks. Then came Monday May 16th and the Shot Callers, hailing from Tampa…

Monday started off simple enough. 16 teams battling for the cash, a young woman named Courtney celebrating her 21st birthday (in dive-bar style @ Central with us!), and the overall vibe was one of excellence. The beer was cold (probably the coldest in Orlando), and we had a decent vag to pen ratio going on. Let the games begin!







The tournament got off to a great start, with teams like:  Yo Momma, Yeah Yo!, Bebes, N***erTits, BitchWrinkle, Lake Brantley All Stars, Shot Callers, Open Your Mouth, Flying Wombats, Fat Guy in a Little Coat, and more!

The competition got pretty stiff once some ladies started knocking teams into the loser’s bracket! Bebe’s and Yeah Yo! both took early victories and even multiple victories, to land some teams in the final redemption bracket.





Even Cuba was rendered useless by the dancing of a nearby Yankee fan, losing three games with his partner, Kevin.





Cesar and Eduardo put on a poor showing after winning a few tourneys recently and were knocked into the redemption bracket after the final four round. From there, they never truly recovered and were eliminated.




Things started coming together for the Dream Shatterers and they started to string some wins together after a loss in the winner’s bracket final and a loss in the loser’s bracket final.




They even steamrolled Ha Ha Impulse, last week’s champion, as Zach and Killian couldn’t find the bottom of the cups.





It came down to Shot Callers, John and Corey, and the Dream Shatterers. They had met once in the Winner’s bracket final, but the Shot Callers sent the Shatterers packing and Derek and Paul had to win their way back to meet the Shot Callers in the 10-cup no re-rack final.





At first it looked like a back and forth battle between the two talented teams…



Corey and John were down by 1 cup with four cups to go and Derek fueled up for the close of the first game.




Just like that, it was over in a flash as the Shot Callers went 1-2-3 and quickly put an end to the Dream… Shattered. 


Handshakes were offered, sadness ensued for the Dream Shatterers.






And so it was, undefeated and unmarked, the Shot Callers won the night.


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