It’s been too long, I shouldn’t have left you, without a dope beat to step to.

I apologize for the delay in writings. You deserve better. You deserve to be updated on all the things that are going on, so here goes.

Monday nights have been slammin’ downtown at Waitiki. Every Monday, we have a Flip Cup tournament prior to Clear Pong, and it has been going well. It’s not regular teams Flip Cup. Oh no, it is Elimination Flip Cup and Chester B. Black is the absolute best at it, a three time Flip Cup Champion.

Flip Cup Mondays at Waitiki

There have been so many epic Flip Cup battles:

We have even had one man take on the Chester and defeat him for a victory and a $50 bartab. Brendan was able to tackle the beast that is the 3-time champ, Chester.

Each and every week, we start off the night with a solid Flip Cup tournament. Waitiki on Wall Street, you can win a $50 bartab to start the night off! Get there around 10 PM to signup. Flip Cup starts around 1o:30 PM.

Then, it’s time for pong. Clear Pong has expanded beyond just Wall Street and downtown and has invaded Longwood at Graffiti Junktion. Some great new teams have joined us, such as:

The Lovely Ladies known only as “the Vaginas”

Former Champs… Luis and Nick

Can’t remember their name. Wop-Dizzle, maybe?

Recent Champs… Money Team

We have more stuff than ever before on the horizon. New Pong events coming. More cash prizes, even a $200 cash event coming in the beginning of April. You love it. You deserve it. Fun times had by all. We’ve had some great people coming out to events downtown at Waitiki and at Graffiti Junktion Longwood.

Thank you to everyone who has been coming out to our events. There are MANY more to come! Stay tuned for more updates, blog posts, pictures, and what not.

Until then… a glimpse into the origin of Clear Pong:


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