Hubris is defined as extreme pride or arrogance. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one’s own competence or capabilities, especially when the person exhibiting it is in a position of power. In literary terms, it is known as a tragic flaw. On Monday Night, in the year of the Jewsus, 2013… The hubris was squashed.

Does this look like a man who just won $100 cash?

Does this?

It is not… and I shall tell you why soon enough. BUT FIRST…

Spring break was in full effect and this is a bit of a double blog, so here goes:

We had a little bit of this…

And a little bit of that.

But the very best part was bringing back some of our oldest and best friends, the Binks! Dena and Bae were hard-pressed to get back to Clear Pong and Bae’s birthday was the perfect time! True to form, they haven’t lost their magic touch, winning a few games and downing a Phucket Bucket too.

We also had a big welcome back for Pat and Shannon, another set of Clear Pong Old School good timers. Pat used to run the Tuesday Night Clear Pong event at Devaney’s that is now Cuba’s weekly tournament. We were glad to see them, though they were rusty after months up north in the Pennsylvania area.

Plenty of newcomers as well. Big thanks to Brian H. for bringing out the noise and then some occasional funk. Unfortunately, the Titsburg Feelers weren’t able to place, but I don’t feel bad for this guy, cuz at least he has some sweet Titsburgs to Feelers.

Overall favorite team of the night had to go to these beauties, known only as “We’re Fuckin’ Irish” with an accent to match. Their short skirts, high heels, and Irish accents went a long, long way with the gents. Free drinks and such. Here’s to hoping they had some unprotected sex with American boys and went home with the crabs! Mostly harmless!

The last two weeks have been so busy and full of ladies rubbing up on each other, it has been hard to tell who has won or lost the damn tournament.

Distractions aside, I managed to keep the tournament just under 9 hours and 46 minutes both Monday the 18th and 25th. All in all, dollars were won and for the very first time, a team was disqualified for not having been present at the final game (at 3 o’fuck in the morning).

On a bit of a heater, Brian was offering anyone “some” throughout the evening, early into the morning hours by making cup after cup, including several last cups in a row. Eventually, he ran out of gas, possibly due to playing 7 games in a row. We’ll never know. Same fate befell Christian. Such is the life of a ponger.

Pardo, David, and Brian… commonplace in the final rounds of any Clear Pong tournament, but on this night only one of these three would be happy. One would go quietly to Gringos, and the final man… well, he would incur a disqualification.

For the first time ever, we had a game called for more than 5 minutes without one of the teams present. Unlike when it is busy inside and no one can hear, this was the absolute last game, the finals. Unthinkable that anyone would bail on their partner for the finals… but it happened. Which, gets me back to the opening of this post with the hubris and all. No one is untouchable and on this particular night… JR & Jimma fell, not at the hands of another team, but due to the rules. A week ago, Eduardo and Tony (I think, it was so long ago…) took down JR & Jimma. This week, it was Pardo’s arrogance. Perhaps this will be the end of their team? Will we see Ha Ha Yeah take back the title as top team? Who knows. All I know is that “Double Tap” took the cash and top prize, Brian was happy, and this guy (David) had a good ass time (and made a bunch of cups, quite unexpectedly).


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