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Oh, we done it again… A Top ‘O the Heap tournament to settle who is the absolute best Clear Pong player in Orlando right now. If you aren’t on this list, you don’t matter in terms of pong. For those of you that play every week at a big tournament at Frogger’s (which we encourage, by the way, so you can establish dominance everywhere in Orlando), it’s time you show your stuff on a Monday night and see if you can beat these guys:

1.  Killian

2.  Pardo

3.  Cream

4.  Morgan

5.  Cuba

6.  Ernesto

7.  Brandon

8.  Craig

9.  Eduardo

10.  Z-Step

11.  Guy

12.  Chuck H.

13.  Drew

14.  Big David

15.  J-Future

16.  Steven

17.  Mike

18.  Dirty Bird

19.  Tay

20.  Greg

Essentially, the top remained very similar from Top ‘O the Heap Part I to Part II. What does that mean? Well, the best are still the best. In one vs. one scenarios, no one can come close to Killian… yet. There was a rise of 5 spots for Pardo, the absence of Russell, and the consistency of Morgan. Along the way, Pardo did incur a vicious loss at the hands of, well, ME (Craig)! It was brutal, but he really didn’t shoot well and my final positioning is more indicative of my overall play.

Finally, are you going to let this guy be the best in Orlando? Really?

best clear pong player in orlando


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